About Us

 TRADE KONNECTION is a California based company and a part of the flagship company VentureSoft Global, an Information Technology Solution provider, headquartered in Pleasanton, California (USA) since 1996.

Our scope of services cover Manufacturing,Trading,Representation and Custom Manufacturing.

  1. a) Manufacturing:

A wide range of 100% natural eco-friendly  products made from  ARECA leaves .In addition we also supply  COIR and coir related  products. These are manufactured in India and shipped  directly from our factory to our clients globally. For more details, please visit our product page.

b)Trading :

Under trading we  provide services as follows:

  • Assist  manufacturers/exporters /importers  interested in  expanding their business
  • Assist  buyers interested in importing goods from USA
  • Act as a liaison office in USA and Middle East for overseas clients 
  • Coordinate between buyer and seller /or exporter/importer
  • Update both buyers and sellers at all times on order and delivery status.
  • Follow up if required on leads and convert leads to orders.
  • Help US manufacturers and exporters  to find buyers globally for their products. 
  • Arrange quotes, brochures, commercial and technical details to buyers for order placement
  • Arrange for samples (if doable)
  • Follow up right from the initial stage of sourcing a supplier, follow upon order placement, production ,arrange for pre-shipment inspection (if required) to delivery.
  1. c) Representation:
  • Represent overseas manufacturers in the USA 
  • Locate buyers in the United States for those interested in exporting to the USA
  • Provide liaison services to companies interested to do business with USA
  •  Follow-up on any existing orders that overseas  suppliers may have in hand 
  • Follow up on leads  to convert those leads into orders.
  • In a nutshell: We can be your USA office
  1. d) Custom Manufacturing:

TRADE KONNECTION  offers  its clients  custom manufacturing services, a process of making product/s based on each customer’s unique set of specifications or requirements. Each product  may vary by material, design, finish, or a host of other options. It may be just one item or  several hundreds or thousands, yet still may NOT be a part of the standard product range . A  primary advantage of  custom manufacturing  are  the opportunities, advantages and benefits   to a company uses  our  custom manufacturing  services

  • No disruption from your standard production/assembly line
  • No need to  set up a separate  facility or invest  heavily  not only time,  efforts  and in resources.
  • End users  get exactly what they want   at a much lower price
  • Sellers ( our clients)  can charge a premium  to  their customers /end users  as  end users often are willing to pay more for specialized or customized products that are better suited for their needs than mass-produced goods.

It’s a win-win situation for all concerned.

Write to us at: srikanth@tradekonnection.com