About Us

TRADE KONNECTION is a California based enterprise and a part of the flagship company VentureSoft Global, an Information Technology Solution provider, headquartered in Pleasanton,CA USA.

Trade Konnection , brings together  buyers,sellers, importers, exporters, manufacturers  traders, buying agents, representatives..etc. In short, we  directly or indirectly connect , coordinate and work with companies and individuals interested in the export-import and trading activities be it in a domestic or global market.

Our scope of services:

  • Assist  manufacturers/exporters /importers  interested in  expanding their business
  • Source buyers interested in importing goods from USA
  • Act as a liaison office in USA and Middle East for  clients 
  • Coordinate between buyer and seller /or exporter/importer
  • Update both buyers and sellers at all times on order and delivery status.
  • Follow up if required on leads and convert leads to orders.
  • Help  USA manufacturers and exporters  to find buyers globally. 
  • Arrange for a quotation, brochures, commercial and technical details
  • Arrange for samples (if doable)
  • Follow up right from the initial stage of sourcing a supplier, follow upon order placement, production ,arrange for pre-shipment inspection (if required) to delivery.

Representation :

  • represents  overseas manufacturers for marketing their products in the USA.
  • We locate buyers in the Unites States  and Canada 
  • Follow-up on any existing  orders,
  • Follow upon leads  and  convert those leads into orders.
  • We represent them locally as their sales and operations overseas office

Our Service charges/Fee:

Depending on what is specifically required by a client, and several other factors, we will provide our quote and if that is accepted we will sign a formal agreement and then proceed.

Custom Manufacturing:

TRADE KONNECTION   offers  its clients  custom manufacturing services, a process of making product/s based on each customer’s unique set of specifications or requirements. Each product  may vary by material, design, finish, or a host of other options. It may be just one item or  several hundreds or thousands, yet still may NOT be a part of the standard product range . A  primary advantage of  custom manufacturing  are  the opportunities, advantages and benefits   to a company uses  our  custom manufacturing  services:

  •  No disruption from your standard production/assembly line
  •  No need to  set up a separate  facility or invest  heavily  not only time,  efforts  and in resources.
  •  End users  get exactly what they want   at a much lower price
  •  Sellers ( our clients)  can charge a premium  to  their customers /end users  as  end users often are willing to pay more for specialized or customized products that are better suited for their needs than mass-produced goods.

It’s a win-win situation for all concerned.

For more details on custom manufacturing please send a mail to: srikanth@tradekonnection.com