Areca Palm Leaf Products

Trade Konnection brings you a wide range of excellent quality of natural ,bio-degradable ,eco-friendly assortment of disposable products such as plates, bowls, spoons,forks..etc ALL made from the leaves of an ARECA PALM LEAF.

What is an Areca palm leaf?
An ARECA palm tree produces areca nuts , which is an edible nut , and grown extensively in India. The leaf of this palm is used to manufacture plates, bowls ..etc .Due to its large size, and resistant to hot food items served on it, and of course 100% natural, fitting in with the “go-green” culture, and above all bio-gradable it has become very common and popular to see more and more food catering organizations and individual users opt for this ARECA LEAF plates and bowls, instead of going in for the plastic/ thermocol/Styrofoam ,etc plates and bowls .
Most important fact is that NO tree is cut to obtain this leaf as they fall off naturally from tree which are then collected for this purpose.

Manufacturing:/Production process:
The production process of these Areca leaf plates does not require addition of any chemicals or glue or any heavy infrastructure facilities. Tests carried out by independent Laboratories show that there is no ill effects of hot food items coming in contact with the leaf ( serving hot food in these plates) thereby assuring users that is it user friendly and safe. The production process doesn’t require cutting or harming trees to obtain the raw material ( leaf) .The leaves fall to the ground on its own naturally. The production process is natural and environmental friendly from beginning the end.

Our standard production of ARECA leaf products
1. Square bowl: 4.5″
2. Shallow square plate: 7″
3.Square plate edges rounded off: 10″
4.Square plate with edges straight cut:10″
5.Round plate 10″
6.Square plate with edges rounded off: 9″
7. Rectangle plate 8.5×6.5 plate
8. 5-6″ length spoon.
9. Leaf Tags used as price tags or markers
Note: Can manufacture exactly as per your measurements.Write to us for a quote.

Characteristics of the Leaf:
100% natural
Woody texture
Color: A blend of yellowish/Dark brown/light brown..etc

Plates, bowls, spoons, forks..etc
Potential users:
Hotels, Restaurants, Fast Food Centres, Parties, Picnics..etc Indoors /Outdoors. Basically these Areca Leaf plates and bowls replace paper/plastic/Styrofoam plates and bowls.

In a nutshell: Our Areca Leaf disposable plates made are an eco-friendly alternative to conventional disposable plates and bowls.
As these plates are manufactured from 100% natural palm leaves they can be discarded without any fear of polluting the environment as they are easily biodegradable. There is no fear of any release of any harmful chemicals ..etc .into the earth or atmosphere.