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Coir Geo textile

COIR NEEDLE FELT is a  non-woven fabric made out of 100% coir fiber. The fabric is composed of coir fiber randomly needle punched to the desired degree of compaction.The needled felts have excellent moisture absorption and retention characteristics and form an ideal medium for plant growth. The fiber is mechanically bonded or interlocked to form a continuous length of sheet. No bonding material is used in the manufacture process. It can be manufactured in thickness ranging from 10 mm to 20 mm with a density varying from 500 to 1500 g/sq.m.

Coir needled felt is used as semi-permeable membrane to retain the coir pith and to give volume to the ready-made coir eco lawn. It helps in creating a microclimate, which enhances plant development.




In the construction of embankment, coir needled felts acts as separator, filter, and filter reinforcement and facilitates drainage. Features of coir needled felts are: Non-woven fabric with interlocked fiber Resilient product of porous structure Low thermal conductivity coupled with good sound absorption coefficient Light material, easy handling and application Low cost product made of natural fiber Can dissipate the energy of following water and absorb the excess solar radiation.

Utilized in controlling erosion even in the steepest slopes




GSM    Thickness      Width      Length(Rolls)         Sheets in1x20FCLT       SQM in 1x20FCL 
400      5mm                 1 meter            30 meter                     1250                              375000
450      5mm                1 meter            30 meter                       555                                33300
650      5mm                 1 meter            30 meter                       384                                23040
700      10mm               1 meter            30 meter                      357                                21420
750      10mm               1 meter            30 meter                      667                                20010
800      10mm               1 meter            30 meter                      625                                18750
950      15mm               1 meter            30 meter                       263                                15780
1000    15mm               1 meter            30 meter                     500                                15000
1200    15mm               1 meter            10 meter                      1250                               12500